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Research and development 

Research and development at FiaS

At the research facility of the Fukuoka City Industry-Academia Collaboration Exchange Center, we are working on application research of next-generation percutaneous technology and joint development with universities and companies on a daily basis. Our facility is located very close to Kyushu University, and promotes collaboration through industry, academia, and government.
In particular, we take advantage of our technical strengths to make proposals that can meet the needs of research institutions and companies to the greatest extent possible.


Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics for use in the transdermal area

Pharmaceuticals with reduced quality of life depending on route of administration.

Intracellular delivery of macromolecular drugs.

Pharmaceuticals with significant side effects and toxicity.

Collaboration with Kyushu University

We are a start-up company from Kyushu University, based on DDS technology invented by Professor Masahiro Goto, an authority in DDS(Drug Delivery System) field.
We are challenging for new therapeutic modalities and working to create new knowledge and practical research.

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